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A Warning from Prism Sound:Beware of Counterfeit Audio Equipment

Prism Sound Lyra 2 Interface scaled

In the vast and diverse world of consumer products, while fashion and jewelry fakes might be the usual culprits we think of, the pro audio industry is not untouched by the menace of counterfeits. In a startling revelation, UK-based audio interface specialist Prism Sound discovered counterfeit versions of its award-winning Lyra audio interface on sale in the Far East.

The pro audio industry has typically witnessed counterfeits in loudspeakers or microphones, where dubious manufacturers replicate the design and logo, aiming to deceive the untrained eye. However, the recent emergence of counterfeit Prism Sound interfaces underscores the ever-evolving sophistication of illegal duplication in the market.

James Woodburn, the CEO of Prism Sound, shed light on this alarming issue, stating that the company proactively purchased two fake units from China to understand the extent of the forgery. “While they may look convincing at first glance, under the surface, they are poorly made and not worth the money people are trying to sell them for,” says Woodburn. He further emphasized that the counterfeits starkly contrast Prism Sound’s commitment to delivering the highest possible audio quality to its customers.

Only the Lyra interfaces have been confirmed as counterfeited, but Prism Sound is verifying if their Atlas and Titan interfaces might also have been replicated.

Prism Sound is amplifying its message to buy products only from authorized and fully certified retailers to protect customers from these fakes. The company also offers verification services to ensure the legitimacy of any unit customers might consider purchasing.

James Woodburn, highlighting the implications of patent theft, reiterated the risk to Prism Sound’s core business and the potential danger to consumers. “We don’t want customers to be fooled into buying them because we know that they won’t get the audio quality they are looking for from a poorly made copy,” he added.

For those unaware, Prism Sound, founded in 1987, is a beacon of excellence in the international broadcast, film, and music production sectors. Their interfaces and converters are highly revered and are the preferred choice of world-renowned artists, engineers, and producers.

Customers and audio professionals worldwide are strongly advised to exercise caution and diligence, ensuring they invest in genuine and quality products. For more details and a list of authorized retailers, visit the official Prism Sound website or consult their local distributor or dealer. onair mic lamp

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