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Grass Valley Sets the Bar High at IBC 2023 with the GV Media Universe

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Grass Valley® strides into IBC 2023, the pinnacle of global broadcasting conventions, to unveil the dynamism of their GV Media Universe. Situated at stand 9-A01, the industry giant is all set to redefine live content creation and delivery for media professionals.

An Ecosystem of Infinite Possibilities

Revolutionizing the game with its “Anytime, Anywhere, Any way” exhibit theme, Grass Valley beautifully marries the age-old hardware systems broadcasters cherish with pioneering, software-led solutions. Their cloud-native AMPP (Agile Media Processing Platform) is a testament to this harmonious merger, enabling fluid production and distribution workflows.

Grass Valley  CEO Louis Hernandez Jr. captures the company spirit: “Grass Valley is reshaping industry standards. Our integrated suite, which includes GV Media Universe, AMPP, and a spectrum of scalable hardware and software offerings, allows clientele to mold their workflows. Depending on their present and future needs, they can pivot between traditional, hybrid, or cloud systems.”

Seamless Transitions in the Digital Age

The Grass Valley portfolio facilitates broadcasters’ adaptive transition as broadcasting continues its digital metamorphosis. It allows them to traverse hardware, software, and cloud-based approaches based on ever-shifting market dynamics and arising opportunities.

AMPP, being entirely cloud-native, boasts high security, reliability, and versatility. It assimilates over 100 of its cloud-native applications and integrates applications from 80 third-party entities. Its standard REST API integration points enable seamless integration with in-house and third-party control and deployment solutions.

A Glimpse of Tomorrow at IBC

Grass Valley  IBC exhibit promises a curated assortment tailored for live sports, entertainment, and newsroom production for diverse platforms, from traditional broadcasting to OTT services.

Ian Fletcher, CTO for Grass Valley, shares, “Our commitment is twofold. We constantly refine our products based on evolving user requirements. Simultaneously, we uphold the trusted interface and control panels integral to the Grass Valley experience, irrespective of where our equipment is deployed.”

Embracing Evolution While Honoring Tradition

Grass Valley holistic range spans from widely recognized video production switchers like the K-Frame XP video processing engine to newer cloud-based solutions powered by AMPP, offering versatility for every event.

Hernandez Jr. reinforces the company ethos, “As we pioneer in cloud and software domains, our allegiance to dedicated hardware remains unshaken. We envision a future where change is not disruptive but an effortless, enriching journey for our clients.”

Engage with the Future

From 15th to 18th September, IBC attendees can witness the full spectrum of Grass Valley’s offerings, including production switchers, multiviewers, asset management systems, and more, at the Amsterdam RAI exhibition and conference center, stand 9-A01.

About Grass Valley
Grass Valley is a frontrunner in media technology for the media and entertainment realm. With over six decades in media technology, this Montreal-based leader drives innovation in live media production, championing top global media brands. Their mission? Ensuring content producers deliver top-tier live experiences via unmatched hardware and software solutions. Dive deeper at onair mic lamp

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Written by Thanos Galis

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