Greek Radio: Stuck in Time or Moving Forward

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Having spent 30 years in the Media, Music publishing services, and Broadcast technology sectors as a businessman, I feel compelled to share my insights on a topic dear to me – the evolving radio landscape in Greece.

Is Greek radio genuinely advancing? Or are we trapped in a cyclical pattern dominated by dated, ego-driven strategies? With increasing concern, I’ve noticed that past approaches are consistently resurrected and tested not just on music but across the board. When these methods show even a hint of success, they are firmly embraced, giving rise to what appears to be a relentless cycle.

Our aging infrastructure adds to the complexity; numerous studios and RF sites have remained unchanged for a decade and a half. Such legacy systems naturally make technicians hesitant to introduce novel solutions – not necessarily due to unwillingness, but rather a lack of familiarity with modern technology. As a result, their suggestions often lean on older technologies they’re comfortable with, even if they’re no longer cutting-edge.

However, the hurdles Greek radio faces aren’t solely rooted in equipment. A prominent issue is the dearth of comprehensive planning, visionary strategy, and, most importantly, competent staff. It’s troubling to see chief Program directors, given the helm’s responsibility, battling to garner the funds required to rejuvenate the radio sector. The result? A tangible stagnation. Yet, with dedicated investments in continuous education and timely updates, Greek radio holds the promise of resurgence, moving beyond its repetitive history.

The time is now for a seismic shift in Greek radio’s trajectory. We must prioritize recruiting individuals imbued with passion and possessing a forward-thinking vision. There is an urgent call for leaders willing to invigorate their teams, challenge established paradigms, and champion trailblazing initiatives. Is the idea of reimagining Greek radio both utopian and romantic? Perhaps. But remember, at its heart, radio is about passion and soul. So, let’s not shy away from redefining our perspectives. Cheers to new beginnings! onair mic lamp

What do you think?

Written by Thanos Galis

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