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FM Radio modulation analyzer DB4005

Broadcastnews DB4005


DB4005 is DEVA Broadcast’s third-generation digital FM Radio modulation analyzer and receiver, the result of long years of experience and a desire to always provide intelligent near-perfect solutions while keeping pace with the very latest technological developments and trends.

With this product, upon demodulation of the FM signal, the RF signal is digitalized by the SDR FM tuner and all signal processing is achieved through sophisticated DSP algorithms. The high precision of the powerful digital filters used in this equipment enables the FM signal to be accurately and repeatedly analyzed with each device. An important asset to the DB4005 is the MPX input, which allows you to monitor external composite signals, regardless of whether they are from a composite STL receiver/stereo FM encoder, or from an off-air source. As this is a tool of great processing power, it provides detailed readings of all the Multiplex FM signal components, while all measurements are refreshed simultaneously and synchronously.

Another useful feature of the DB4005 is the Loudness Meter, which allows for measurements to be shown as defined by ITU BS.1770-4 and EBU R128 recommendations, as the product supports both standards. onair mic lamp

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