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IBC2023: A Landscape of Limitless Innovation

Hojatollah Yeganeh of IMAX will be sharing a Tech Paper exploring video coding and processing
Hojatollah Yeganeh of IMAX will be sharing a Tech Paper exploring video coding and processing

IBC2023 isn’t just about the world premieres of revolutionary tools for the entertainment and media sector. It is also a hub for avant-garde thought, pioneering studies, and foundational proofs of concepts dispersed throughout numerous exhibition highlights.

Hall 3 Innovators Podium will host luminaries from giants like Microsoft, ITV, Zeas, Wasabi, and more from the beginning to the end of this four-day extravaganza. These experts will explore contemporary movements and illustrate how participants can transform insights into sound tech investments.

IBC2023: Breeding Ground for Revolutionary Ideas
IMAX’s Hojatollah Yeganeh will present a technical document on video encoding and handling.

Moreover, on the Innovators Podium, the IBC Catalyst Initiative consistently employs a distinct methodology to address intricate challenges in the media and entertainment domain, emphasizing practical trials. This edition will highlight eight initiatives, spotlighting contributions from industry-leading media entities and tech visionaries such as IMDB, Fox Entertainment, and Cisco. Initiatives will cover a spectrum of topics, from synthetic human applications to improvements in live media procedure pipelines.

For attendees keen on witnessing paradigm-shifting media tech, Hall 8 is the destination. The Tech Oasis amalgamates a plethora of avant-garde solutions, redefining the present and hinting at the future. Key participants here comprise Nvidia, Yle, and SWR, among others.

The comprehensive IBC Conference Agenda is set to delve into pressing matters of the sector. An integral component, the Technical Papers Segment, offers invaluable insight into tangible challenges confronted by the global broadcast and digital media fraternity. This year’s line-up features unique studies spanning AI, live procedures, and 5G. Noteworthy presentations on AI’s role in media production and advancements in live media technologies are set to captivate audiences.

The following day, we will witness sessions on optimizing streaming delivery, breakthroughs in immersive media, video coding enhancements, and augmenting user interactions led by industry stalwarts from BT, Brightcove, Philips, and IMAX.

Moreover, Hall 12 Complimentary Showcase Theatre will host insights from industry giants throughout the event. A Friday highlight will be Google Cloud and Accenture taking the helm. Topics include AI’s frontier in media, modern media security, and successful tech strategies for the sector.

Saturday boasts a power-packed schedule spearheaded by AWS, including discussions on AI, cloud-based live production, post-production blueprints, and the evolution to IP.

Zixi and Microsoft will dominate Sunday’s discourse, delving into the economical facets of IP delivery, AI’s media impact, future trajectories of pay-TV, and AI’s influence on ingenuity.

Concluding on Monday, the Showcase Theatre will delve into the merging horizons of gaming, cinema, and television, with thought leaders from Ubisoft, EA Games, and others, shedding light on in-game promotions, gaming evolution, and esports’ roadmap.

Discover the exhaustive IBC2023 Content Itinerary and secure your attendance today.

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Written by Thanos Galis

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