TinkerList Cuez: Revolutionizing Live Broadcasting with Cloud-Based Rundown Management

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Save up to 25% of your time and energy and spend it on making great television.


At IBC 2023, TinkerList.TV introduced the world to Cuez, a pioneering cloud-based rundown management system. This revolutionary platform is set to reshape the landscape of live content production, spanning everything from studio shows to eSports.

What Does Cuez Bring to the Table?

Imagine this scenario: A journalist captures a lively scene at Times Square and uploads the footage. The entire broadcast team can instantly access and integrate it into the show, be it in a studio in London or a remote location in Sydney. This is the magic of Cuez — uniting scripts, videos, technical notes, and more onto one comprehensive platform.

Here’s Why Cuez Matters:

Unified and Automated: With the touch of a spacebar, manage and control your broadcasting rundown. Cuez ensures that handling content elements is smooth and effortless.
Collaborative Excellence: Real-time collaboration is no longer a luxury. With Cuez, teams can co-create content seamlessly from any corner of the world, ensuring everyone is always on the same page.

Precise Control: Timing is everything in live broadcasts. Cuez timing and cueing features guarantee that shows run like clockwork, minimizing errors and hitches.

Web Prompter: Paper scripts are a relic of the past. Presenters can now rely on Cuez’s web prompter, ensuring they always have their lines at their fingertips while confidently presenting.
Erik Hauters, the visionary behind TinkerList.TV sees Cuez as a bridge to the future of media production. Cuez ensures broadcasters have optimal flexibility through automation and cloud-based innovations, allowing workflows to decide the devices and not vice versa.

This year, TinkerList.TV progressive approach caught the eyes of the industry’s big players. Their inclusion in the IBC Accelerator Innovation Programme, in collaboration with giants like BBC and ITN, signals a brighter and more interconnected future for live broadcasting.

Witness Cuez in Action:

For those eager to see the future of live media production, TinkerList.TV will showcase the capabilities of Cuez at IBC 2023 in Amsterdam from September 15-19. Dive into the world of innovation, explore the features, and experience the transformation Cuez promises to bring to the broadcasting world.

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